Many might say that it’s not “my” code.


Some of the blog entries I have posted here contain code snippets which I have written for previous employers. My intent in publishing them is to provide them as sanitized examples from my ongoing ‘portfolio of code’. But I admit that I may be walking a thin line here, both legally and ethically.

I have, in good faith, attempted to redact the code into a state of ‘generic’ness by

  • excising all ‘business logic’
  • ripping out informative comments
  • renaming variable (etc.) to keep them contextual, yet un-branded

If you are one of my previous employers, or represent one of my previous employers, please contact me if you feel I have breached any trust or contract between us. It is likely that I did not ask for permission. I will apoligize, and correct the situation. A take-down request (if desired) will be promptly implemented.

Character. Ethics.

from the marvelous opening scene of Miller’s Crossing.

I feel personally icky about taking the Beg for Forgiveness route. Yet justifications aside, that’s the stance I’m taking here. Were I to make a poor choice on this track, and should have asked for permission first, the end-game analysis is that I’ve been both thoughtless and rude.

One might say, rather douchey.

Sorry, Universe, in advance, if that’s what I’ve been :neutral_face: .