Well, since ya asked all nice-like …

I mainly be keepin’ my code in Github repos. I go into more detail about the projects themselves in a separate page.


Here is my public Github account. :octocat: Huzzah! :octocat: Bear ye witness to recent experiments, Wikis, contributions, Gists, plus ancient Ruby gems that I haven’t touched in years!


Honestly though, I keep most of my code private. I host my own Git repo in the AWS cloud. Because I am old school :metal: .

An SSH Key can be issued upon request.

Open Source

Sigh :pensive: I am not by any means a regular Open-Source Contributor.

However … if I use something, and it’s broken, and I can fix it, I’ll create an Issue and address it with a PR. I’ll even gladly fill in the Test Suite. Heck, sometimes I’ve actually introduced the Test Suite …

Considering how much benefit I’ve gotten from using Open Source projects over the years, I really should contribute more.