Because, honestly … there’s not much to say.

It’s been steady-as-she-goes. I have joined a new Employer since February 2019. I’d like to be at this place for a while. Very good people.

I know enough React[2] patterns – pre-Hooks and post – to be “effective” on the Client. It allows me to believe that I’m still full-stack, but mehhhhh – I’m not fooling anyone. I’m Server these days – Node[2] and all the build & deploy DSLs[3] that go along with it. I am not yet Serverless[2], but I do use this amazing Firefox Extension. I have not yet started to learn Rust[2].

About a month ago, I learned that we have to properly tune the VACUUM & ANALYZE engines in Postgres to avoid major INDEX slowdowns in a Test Suite environment. A month before that, I (finally) spun up an ArchLinux-based (Manjaro) server to run VirtualBox to run my radio station’s WinXP-based transmitter, and jacked it all up with a lot of bash-driven health scripts. Also, in the past quarter, I set up Let’s Encrypt on my cloud hosts, and bullied through the usual rvm and Chef upgrade nonsense. I haven’t moved to Docker[2] yet; that’s coming soon – my station’s data services require JDK 7 at the latest, and support is falling away. My home-rolled VPN server is a Docker container running on DigitalOcean, I use that tech on the job, so it’s familiar.

Ultimately, I’ll virtualize everything. Containers upon containers, to keep the old stuff that works good still working.

If I learn anything exciting, I’ll be sure to let you know :ok_hand: I promise.


The topics I’ve chosen to link out to are tooling-specific. Many I use daily, and am I grateful for them.


I didn’t link out to some topics. I think of them as ‘movements’ more than just a tech stack. When I look back, it’ll be interesting to see how each has aged, some like wine, some like milk.


And other topics, in their transience, shall remain nameless.