• Haters Gonna Hate Labeled Flow

    because GOTO is bad.

    Right up front, let me establish the setting for our Journey.

    First, there are two blog articles that I’ve come across,

    Secondly, here’s some code I’ve recently written (and redacted for publishing). Let me call attention to ...

  • Hindsight

    Upon my noticing that I hadn’t written a fresh Post in nearly 22 months.

    Because, honestly … there’s not much to say.

    It’s been steady-as-she-goes. I have joined a new Employer since February 2019. I’d like to be at this place for a while. Very good people.

    I know enough React[2] patterns – pre-Hooks and post – to be “effective” on the Client. It allows me to believe that I’m still full-stack, but mehhhhh – I’m not fooling anyone. I’m Server these days – Node[2] and all ...

  • Wandering in the Mojave with Ruby

    A recounting of our time spent in struggle with rvm and native Gem builds.

    This Post will harken back to Wandering in the Mojave with JavaScript, wherein we learned a great many things about Xcode 10 and libstdc++ support.

    Having taken one day to rest after a harrowing experience with gyp, I awoke on Friday with the notion to document our experience. My Shiny New Blog is built atop Jekyll, which means I must now reconstruct my Ruby tooling.

    The horse is refreshed, and we break camp on the heels of a ...

  • Wandering in the Mojave with JavaScript

    A portion of our journey was plagued by npm modules with native gyp builds.

    We had set out upon a journey to uprade our laptop to MacOS Mojave on a Monday. The weather stayed fine all day, and there was none of the scorching heat nor wind that one would expect from such a place. For the most part, it went largely without incident.

    After the migration, I reinstalled nvm. It ...

  • I should mention; javascript-testing

    That’s my ongoing tutorial / snippet project.

    cantremember/javascript-testing is a Node.js repo where I experiment with patterns and examples of Test Cases using multiple frameworks and toolkits, including my own mongodb-sandbox module.

    At its best, it is a treatise of Best Practices. At its least, it’s a living set of concepts and reminders for myself to make quick copies-and-pastes from.

    :clap: cue applause :clap:

  • Quietly Announcing mongodb-sandbox

    My first npm module. Because I felt I finally had a good idea for a useful one.

    And now, two months having gone by since it got published, I think it’s finally time to post about it.

    mongodb-sandbox will launch a stand-alone MongoDB Topology for use within a Test Suite. It spins up a self-contained instance of mongod on a free local port and performs all the setup & teardown necessary to ensure an empty database at the start of each Test Case.

    For example, using mocha,

    const { expect } =  ...