• Hindsight

    Upon my noticing that I hadn’t written a fresh Post in nearly 22 months.

    Because, honestly … there’s not much to say.

    It’s been steady-as-she-goes. I have joined a new Employer since February 2019. I’d like to be at this place for a while. Very good people.

    I know enough React[2] patterns – pre-Hooks and post – to be “effective” on the Client. It allows me to believe that I’m still full-stack, but mehhhhh – I’m not fooling anyone. I’m Server these days – Node[2] and all ...

  • Wandering in the Mojave with Ruby

    A recounting of our time spent in struggle with rvm and native Gem builds.

    This Post will harken back to Wandering in the Mojave with JavaScript, wherein we learned a great many things about Xcode 10 and libstdc++ support.

    Having taken one day to rest after a harrowing experience with gyp, I awoke on Friday with the notion to document our experience. My Shiny New Blog is built atop Jekyll, which means I must now reconstruct my Ruby tooling.

    The horse is refreshed, and we break camp on the heels of a ...

  • Wandering in the Mojave with JavaScript

    A portion of our journey was plagued by npm modules with native gyp builds.

    We had set out upon a journey to uprade our laptop to MacOS Mojave on a Monday. The weather stayed fine all day, and there was none of the scorching heat nor wind that one would expect from such a place. For the most part, it went largely without incident.

    After the migration, I reinstalled nvm. It ...

  • I should mention; javascript-testing

    That’s my ongoing tutorial / snippet project.

    cantremember/javascript-testing is a Node.js repo where I experiment with patterns and examples of Test Cases using multiple frameworks and toolkits, including my own mongodb-sandbox module.

    At its best, it is a treatise of Best Practices. At its least, it’s a living set of concepts and reminders for myself to make quick copies-and-pastes from.

    :clap: cue applause :clap:

  • Quietly Announcing mongodb-sandbox

    My first npm module. Because I felt I finally had a good idea for a useful one.

    And now, two months having gone by since it got published, I think it’s finally time to post about it.

    mongodb-sandbox will launch a stand-alone MongoDB Topology for use within a Test Suite. It spins up a self-contained instance of mongod on a free local port and performs all the setup & teardown necessary to ensure an empty database at the start of each Test Case.

    For example, using mocha,

    const { expect } =  ...
  • Those Named Constant Arrow Functions

    Back in my day, we declared a Function as a function.

    I’ll keep this brief.

    I’ve been noticing a lot of public code snippets out there which declare consts using the arrow function syntax;

    const addOne = (number) => {
      return number + 1;

    As opposed to the classic pre-ES2015 form,

    function addOne(number) {
      return number + 1;

    My use of the term “classic” reveals my bias, as opposed to calling it “ancient” or “crappy old”.

    There are two things I prefer about ...