Hola, amigos. s’up? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I’ve had a lot of stuff goin’ down.

I’ve had an issue with Notes on my iPhone. Sure, I could use a content service like Evernote – which I did – but an even simpler tact for us Mac folks is to keep a couple long-lived Notes around and just edit them. Lists n’ shit. You know the deal.

Anyway, so every once in a while Mail.app will have a sync conflict, and every once in a while I’ll click [Sync Later], always by mistake. Now what I noticed is that there was a one-to-one (or nearly) relationship between the times I made that mistake, and Notes that would appear on my iPhone … that I couldn’t get rid of

  • there was no trace of them in Mail.app. I explicitly flushed my Trash a couple times, but to no effect
  • you’d figure that the the mobile Notes would have singular authority & ownership, but nope. I’d delete them, they’d come back, and they kept getting older and more annoying
  • the friendly Genius Bar staff had no other advice to give besides doing an explicit iTunes re-sync via Advanced :: Replace information on this iPhone :: [x] Notes, but to no effect

Now, I know that this isn’t a particularly technical post. However since I couldn’t find any reference to anyone else having this problem – at least based on the keywords I was using – I figured I’d drop a few of them and describe the solution:

  • view the Note, select all, and delete
  • the mobile app auto-deletes the empty Note
  • voila!. It’s gone for good

There. Now you know what I know :thumbsup: