Hola, Amigos! it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya!

So, I’ve been doing plenty, I’m just not chatty about it. I built a Ruby migration framework using bundler, pry, spreadsheet, sequel and mp3info to build a JSON document version of my Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast database. Next up is some Node.js to serve it up, then some RequireJS, mustache & jQuery goodness to spiff up the SEB site.

But in the meanwhile, I wrote this little gem at the office:

Yes, I know. So it turns out that I didn’t know about underscore’s _.debounce() when I wrote it. Eh. So much for DRY ¯\(ツ)

Still – I’m glad I thought it through. It exercises all the best features of JavaScript / ECMAScript:

  • scope-capturing closures
  • specifiable function context
  • freestyle properties on Object instances
  • single-threading (look ma, no Mutex! no synchronize { ... } !)

Anyway. Bla dee blah. This post also gave me the incentive to start embedding gists in my blog. Nice helper widget, dflydev !

Peace out.